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Studies show that a good vocabulary is essential for success in life. The same studies show that a person's vocabulary is one of the strongest predictors of career and life success.

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The Seven Very Best Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

After years of exhaustive research, we have come up with the seven most effective techniques to improve your vocabulary quickly and easily. Here is a summary of the techniques:

Vocabulary Technique #1 - Elaboration

Elaboration is an easy technique that will increase your retention of new words by more that 670%. To find out more about how this works, go to our lesson on elaboration.

Vocabulary Technique #2 - Repetition

Repetition is one of the most effective ways to learn new words. However, most people overlook a simple technique that will double the effectiveness of repetition. Discover the secret they're missing in lesson on repetition.

Vocabulary Technique #3 - Read and Record

Contrary to popular belief, reading alone won't do much to improve your vocabulary. This is because most people tend to simply "skip over" words they don't know. We have put together some powerful techniques that will allow you to get the most out of your reading. Learn about them in the lesson on reading and recording.

Vocabulary Technique #4 - Personal Relevance

Did you know that our memories are actually geared to block out information that isn't considered personally relevant? You can use this to your advantage by learning to reverse the process by making new words personally relevant - and dramatically improving your retention as a result. Read more in our lesson on relevance.

Vocabulary Technique #5 - Imagery & Sound

Are you a visual learner? If so, imagery could be your best bet for improving your vocabulary. Do you learn more quickly when you hear things out loud? There's a technique for that, too. To find out how best to use visualization and vocalization in vocabulary building, go to our lesson on imagery and sound..

Vocabulary Technique #6 - Play With Words

A great way to improve your vocabulary is to play word games. We show you the best games to boost your vocabulary and have fun while you're doing it. Read more in our lesson on word games.

Vocabulary Technique #7 - Learn Naturally

An 8 year old child learns more words in a week than the average adult does in a year. We can learn a lot about vocabulary improvement by studying the strategies children automatically use to learn new language. The lesson on how to learn naturally will help you remember these simple techniques.